Snow Removal

Dependable. Commercial. Snow Removal.

Keep your parking lots clear and your sidewalks safe.  Hire Woodsmith to clear the snow and lay down salts or ice melt to get rid of and prevent ice build up.  We’ll keep the way clear for customers and employees to safely access your business, church, or apartments.

Call Now To Schedule Snow Removal: (435) 760-5186.

  • Factories

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Malls

  • Stores

  • Apartments

  • Restaurants

  • Office Complexes

Increase Safety, Improve Customer Access

Snow can be beautiful and fun to play in.  But it can also make parking and walking difficult.  Worse, when it turns to ice, it can present a slipping and accident hazard.  Keep your parking lots clear and safe. Reduce the risk of someone getting hurt. Hire Woodsmith today.

Man slipped on ice and hurt knee -- Image has an X over it to represent that this shouldn't happen
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